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This foundational guide is crafted especially for beginners wanting to embark on their sourdough journey. It takes you step by step through the entire process, from creating and maintaining your sourdough starter to baking your first, beautiful, delicious, homemade loaf.


Each purchase invites you into Sarah's private sourdough mentorship group (Bread Friends), where you can join a beginner-friendly community of people on the same journey as you.


What's Inside:

  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Simplified steps suitable for beginners, ensuring a seamless learning experience, without being overloaded with too much technical information.
  • Proven Method and Recipes: Sourdough baking comes down to a proven method. Once you learn to make a foundational loaf using this method, you can make any sourdough baked goods. The guide includes the foundational beginner sourdough recipe and an intermediate sourdough recipe.
  • Troubleshooting Guide and FAQs: Overcome common challenges with our troubleshooting tips, turning every hurdle into a learning opportunity.

Why Choose Our Guide:

  • Beginner-Friendly Approach: Designed for those taking their first steps into the world of sourdough.
  • Clear and Concise: Eliminates confusion with straightforward instructions and terminology.
  • Lifetime Access: Purchase once and enjoy a lifetime of sourdough baking adventures.
  • Community Support: Gain access to our exclusive Bread Friends Facebook group for additional tips, discussions, and support.

Start Your Sourdough Journey Today! Delve into the timeless tradition of sourdough baking and create artisanal loaves that will impress family and friends. Purchase the 'Sourdough for Beginners' eBook and discover the joy of crafting your own delicious, homemade bread. Happy baking!

Note: Inside the guide is a link to the exclusive Bread Friends Facebook group. I will only accept names that appear in the invoice purchase history. If you bought this guide for a friend or loved one and you would like them admitted into the group, please email me at to request that :) 


Sourdough for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your First Loaf

  • Once you check out you will receive a downloadable link and also a link to the Bread Friends Facebook group. You have 30 days to download the eBook!

    If you bought this guide for a friend or loved one and wanted them to have access to the Bread Friends group, just email me at with the full name of the person you gifted this to, so I can accept them into the group when they request to join.

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